The Real Native Takes On Anti-Immigration Zealots

So the language is a little caustic…but the guy has a point.


American Slactivism


Slap some words onto a poster or a screen to show you’re involved, that you care about that which does not directly affect you. Pick a good filter to make your eyes really pop, and share with your friends. Otherwise, who cares that you care?


Why It’s Time To Televise Executions

Death Penalty

The Article: It’s time to televise executions by Richard Gabriel in CNN Online.

The Text: Last week in McAlester, Oklahoma, the blinds were raised in a small, white, antiseptic room, and two small groups of people watched as Clayton Lockett was strapped to a gurney.

A doctor examined Lockett’s body for usable veins and then oversaw the administration of an untested drug cocktail that was supposed to dispatch the convicted murderer quickly and quietly. Instead, the blinds were lowered as the execution turned into more than 40 minutes of grimacing, writhing, teeth grinding and frantic phone calls. Then Lockett’s heart finally seized, stopped beating, and his breath left his body.
This is how we kill our most serious criminals in the 21st century. Or at least try to. So if this is justice, let’s make it real. Let’s make it open to the highest form of public transparency and scrutiny: Live TV. Here’s why.

Oklahoma’s botched lethal injection marks new front in battle over executions.

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NRA Hypnosis

Surrounded by terrorists, haters and liberals, you have no one left in this world to trust besides the National Rifle Association.


Barbara Lee On Paul Ryan’s Politicking

Barbara Lee Paul Ryan

Wanna have a look into the meat of Paul Ryan’s quixotic plan? We’ve got you covered.


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